Consulting Services

Consulting Services provide a wide range of Services aimed at helping clients achieve their goals, develop their capabilities and skills, and improve their performance. Some of the Services that can be provided under advisory Services include .

This Service includes :

Management and planning Services
These Services include business analysis, strategic planning, goal development, improvement of administrative processes, project management, organization, performance development, data analysis, and others.
Marketing and sales Services
These Services include market analysis, development of marketing strategies, customer analysis, customer relationship management, development of sales and marketing methods, and others.
Training and development Services
These Services include developing training and development programs, instructions and educational materials, analyzing training needs, developing competencies and skills, and others.
Technology and information Services
These Services include developing and improving systems and applications, improving technical and informational performance, data management, statistical analysis, and others.
Financial and accounting Services
These Services include analysis of accounts, budgets, financial planning, tax management, financial analysis, accounting and auditing, and others.
Financial Due Diligence FDD
Customize the purchase price of the PPA
Financial advisory
Operations support
Deal structuring
Principles of foreign accounting transfers
Corporate finance advice
Merger and merger Services
acquisition strategy
Execute procedures to meet requirements
Providing consultations in negotiation strategies